Flowers And Their Spiritual Powers

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Since ancient times, flowers have been believed to possess strong spiritual powers. They seem to have a firm connection with the divine realm.

Read on to find out more about the spiritual powers of flowers.

Tradition of sending floral gifts to people is perhaps as old as the first civilization in the world. Flowers convey deep meanings outside material and rational experience with their infinite beauty and variety. It can even be said that they have a firm connection with the spiritual realm. Thus, it is possible for human beings to use flowers for strengthening their bond with the divine. Let's see what a typical florist would say about the spiritual qualities of some popular flowers:

Carnation : 
Wearing carnations as part of a headdress or corsage connects an individual to the wider realm. Pink carnations help in forming a maternal bond with the surrounding world. Red ones assist in making firm decisions for spiritual pursuits. The white carnations symbolize purity, and therefore assist an individual to reduce their dependence on earthly pleasures. 

Hyacinth : 
Hyacinth elevates ambiguity by delivering an energy which works against the clarity to know. It prevents absolutes from revealing and manifesting themselves before time. Inhaling the fragrance of this flower can help a person to master their own impatience. 

Chrysanthemum : 
Chrysanthemums can strengthen the commitment and resolve of those who are fasting or making some other ritualistic sacrifice. That is why they are sometimes placed in altars for invoking discipline and devotion. These flowers can also help old souls to find the right path in life

Daisy : 
Daisies are happy and harmonious blooms that can sooth dissent between like-minded people by restoring a sense of joyfulness and peace. These floral beauties are often considered an important component of shared altars. 

Lily : 
It is often believed that lilies can strengthen commitment if they are present when someone is taking a vow or oath. They are also worn on corsages at weddings for ensuring marital success. The closer a bride is to a lily while saying 'I do', the greater are the chances for the marriage to last forever. 

Orchid : 
When someone is having a spiritual breakthrough, they can buy an orchid and place it where they spend most of their time. Orchids can mark events as well as measure timespans. If they are wilting away, they show how far someone is moving beyond their accomplishments. Thriving orchids signify that one should work towards maintaining the plateau they have achieved. In other words, each of these unique flowers can be regarded as a clock with noon and midnight marked at a single position. 

Each and every member of 
the floral kingdom has its own power than can be tapped for enhancing one's spiritual practice.