Choosing The Right Flowers For Various Occasions

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"Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." Such is the importance of flowers in our lives. No matter whatever emotion we need to express, a flower can be used for saying it all.

It is important that we choose the right flowers for a particular occasion, be it a marriage proposal, wedding or funeral, so let us have a look at some valuable tips that could help us in expressing what we truly mean:
  • Marriage Proposals – Marriage proposals need to be special. So, choice of flowers play an important role. Instead of using just a single stem of the all-time favourite red rose, it is better to get the full bouquet. A big bouquet often indicates that one has a big heart. One can, of course, switch roses with any other flower that might be the favourite of their significant other.
  • Wedding – Flowers chosen for a wedding need to be perfect, since it is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. Roses are generally the most preferred option, since it is the ultimate symbol of true love and passion. They are available in lots of different colours and sizes, red being the most common, but white, yellow and dark pink are also among the others generally found. Some couples may love out of the ordinary flowers, and tulips serve that purpose well. Unlike roses, they are available in far wider palette of colours like white, pink, magenta, purple, peach, yellow and red. They are affordable too, though some rare varieties may cost a little too much.
  • Funerals – When it comes to funerals, lilies should be the first choice as they signify purity and virginity of the soul. They also tend to stay blossomed for longer compared to other flowers, hence retaining their aroma around and building the solemnity of the occasion. Roses too can serve the purpose, and each of its different shades can be used to express a different meaning altogether. White roses symbolize spirituality and purity, whereas the ones in red radiate feelings of love and grief. Yellow roses portray a strong bond of friendship, while those in a shade of dark pink usually expresses gratitude. It is important not to overdo it though, for example, large bouquets are not required at solemn occasions like funerals and memorials; a small bunch is enough. 


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