Popular Wedding Floral Trends In Newborough

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Flowers are one of the most quintessential parts of any wedding ceremony. Every bride wishes her big day to be unique and memorable, therefore the flowers she chooses must reflect her personality and specific taste. In Newborough, it is quite common among brides as well as bridesmaids to base their floral choices on the options and arrangements currently in trend. Most of the times, these trendy elements provide all that are required for creating a perfect combination of the floral decor and theme of the wedding.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular wedding floral trends that any reputed florist in Newborough would usually recommend:

Dainty Wrists : 
Wristlets are more like fashionable accessories that bridesmaids love to wear in wedding parties. Although bouquets may still be carried by them during the ceremony, they cannot just avoid the temptation of putting on a wristlet which imparts a more delicate and feminine look. English roses are extremely popular choices for summer wristlets due to their fragrance and softness. Tulips, on the other hand, are ideal for marriage ceremonies held in winter.

Exquisite Details : 
In order to match with the cocktail-length dresses that are now a common choice of bridesmaids, bouquets are becoming smaller in size. But to maintain the beauty of these traditional wedding floral arrangements, florists are augmenting them with more exquisite details. All-white bouquets are a regular favourite of brides, whereas bridesmaids are becoming accustomed to using colourful options. Accents like berries, feathers and crystals are also being incorporated for enhancing interest and appeal.

Divine Textures : 
Following in the footsteps of current styles of fabrics and gowns, bouquets too are being designed to portray an overall feminine look. Same is in the case of centrepieces, that are now more striking and modern due to utilisation of such textual products as pods, palm skins and vines along with candles. Colour choices are leaning towards shades of chocolate accentuated with soft green, lime, pink or lemon like orchids, frangipanis and English roses.

Retro Revamp : 
The styles familiar to the eras of the 30s and 40s are also making a huge comeback. Florists are now doing wired and trailing bouquets that are more glamorous than hand-held posies and work really well with retro style gowns. Old-fashioned flowers like the violets, stephanotis and gardenias have been gaining popularity as well. People are also witnessing the re-emergence of simple bouquets and tropical flowers like single orchid stems.